Do you have a wheel, loom, or ​other pieces of fiber equipment in a corner collecting more dust than projects? Or maybe you are looking to upgrade or try something different. Perhaps you are a newbie looking to try a loom or wheel. This year’s Festival, in cooperation with the Southern Adirondack Fiber Producers Cooperative, is featuring an auction of used fiber related tools and toys. The auction will take place from 12-2 on Sunday and items will be available for preview during Festival hours up until the time of the auction.

Auction Guidelines:
• Consignments may be submitted from 12-4 on Friday and 9-12 on Saturday
• Eligible Items will be fiber equipment items only and may include wheels, looms, carders, shuttles, etc.
• Items such as needle sets, books, and other tools may be batched with a minimum bid value of $50. Batched items should be in a box or container.
• Items should be of good quality and condition. The auction committee reserves the right to refuse any item or batch.
Magazines, fiber, yarn and farm/animal equipment will NOT be accepted
• Only 60 items will be accepted. Of these only 20 may be batched items. There will be a limit of 3 items/batches per seller
• Sellers will be paid within 2 weeks of the sale. Unsold items must be picked up by 4:30 on Sunday.
• There will be a commission of 15% on all sales.
• Buyers must pay for items as the bid is won and remove them by the end of the auction. Cash, checks and all major credit cards will be accepted. NYS sales tax (7%) will be added to buyers price.

Note to sellers:
Please include a 4X6 inch index card for each item containing: seller name, address, telephone #; description of the item, minimum bid (at least $50)
The auction building will be locked at night and whenever unattended. Every effort will be made to ensure the safety of auction items, however, neither the Southern Adirondack Fiber Producers Cooperative, the Adirondack Wool and Arts Festival, nor the Washington County Fair will be responsible for loss or damages.

We hope this venture will be a success for both sellers and buyers and look forward to your feedback.
Questions or for more information contact Carol Puntel


392 Old Schuylerville Road, Greenwich, NY 12834, USA

Fiber Equipment Auction

Adirondack Wool & Arts Festival

Formerly Southern Adirondack Fiber Festival